The Cobalte Team 💎

The Team :

  • Paul Broussouloux

    Paul Brings his experience and knowledge in cryptocurrency, blockchain & NFT. Indeed, he has been training on blockchain technology for several years. He is, therefore, the captain of the Cobalte project, and helps it navigate in the word of NFT.

  • Thomas Genty

    Also coming from Rennes School of Business, Thomas brings his skills in finance and project management. Passionate about entrepreneurship since his childhood, he has participated in personal projects as well as in an incubator. Thus, he ensures the good development of the Cobalte company as well as its durability. 

  • Valentin Cassao

    Recently graduated from Rennes School of Business, Valentin is passionate about Digital Marketing. He is in charge of the development of the website as well as the deployment of digital strategies. His favorite subject is data analysis which he uses to make the best business decisions.

  • Éric Le Lostec

    ISEC CEO and present in 120 countries, he has been an actor and advisor in the organization of sporting events for nearly 20 years. President France of the “Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs Alliance” representing 20,000 groups and companies. He also holds the position of President of the company EDEZEL.

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Advisory Board :

  • Aurore Sauviat

    Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Aurore is specialized in the protection of intellectual and industrial property. She guides companies, close or far to cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain topics.

  • Christophe Rebours

    Founder and President of InProcess. Co-Founder and Industrial Designer at Jellyfishhh. Being an expert in customer experience, Christophe provides us with the best advice on all aspects of customer experience and feelings, both on the aspect of our networks and on the different parts of the site.

  • Éric Gervet

    Former student at the London Business School and graduate of HEC, Éric holds the position of Senior Partner of the consulting agency AT Kearney. He brings his experience and advice in the field of communication and corporate strategy.