The Cobalte Foundation

The environment at the heart of the adventure with the Cobalte Foundation

The environmental issues that our generation is going through are important battles at Cobalte. This is why we created the Cobalte Foundation.

Owning one of our NFTs allows you to become an actor in the environmental fight led by Cobalte Cobalte. This NFT gives you the right to vote on the choice of the association that Cobalte will support. Take part in our NFT-Funding and get a Cobalt Genesis NFT.

Our targeted NGO partner :

What the Fondation stand for ?


How does it works ?

Ecology, the challenge of the century

Cobalte is made up of members fully aware of the issues related to social and environmental issues. This is why the Cobalte Foundation was created. We want to support promising causes. At Cobalte we are convinced that small actions can lead to big changes. This is why we place the Cobalte community at the heart of this issue.

Human activity emits greenhouse gases. At Cobalte we are committed to carrying out our company's carbon assessment each year to achieve a carbon neutrality objective

1 NFT = 1 VOTE

Holding a Cobalte Genesis NFT allows its owner to have an impact on the choice of the association. In other words, The NFT holder will get a right to vote for the NGO that the foundation will financially support.

Each association that is part of the selection presented during the vote will obtain at least an amount of donation that we will establish and which will be proportional to the number of votes obtained. Each year a vote will be organized to determine which NGO will be supported by Cobalte.

You get it if you are familarized with blockchain ecosystem :

The Cobalte Foundation is a DAO.

Where does the founds comes from ?

There will be three ways the feed the Foundation prize pool :

1. A part of Cobalte profits

2. Donation from anyone (avaible soon in this section)

3. customers will be able to round up their baskets to the higher unit so that the difference is donated to the Foundation.

Example :

We are in the end of 2024, Cobalte has made some profits from its ticketing business activity, and people have made donations throughout the year.

→ The prize pool of the Cobalte Foundation has reach 100.000€

→ The voting period has last 30 days and the result (backed from blockchain data) has came up.