What's NF-Ticket ?

NF-Ticket by Cobalte claims to be the first platform to sell and resell tickets linked to NFTs, for sports and music events. Our technology is the key to a world where fake tickets won’t exist anymore. Discover the ticketing revolution now.

Prevent fraud

An NFT is inherently tamper-proof. However, linking a ticket to an NFT does not necessarily guarantee that a person cannot duplicate it.

This is why part of our solution is based on a rotating QR code system. In this sense, only the QR code displayed is valid when passing through the terminal.

On the organizer side

Our solution include the control of the secondary market.

➤ The traceability allowed by blockchain gives you real-time monitoring of the tickets.

➤ You will be able to collect data, identify scalpers and facilitate the resale.

We secure the resale

Nowadays, one of the fear for people who wishes to buy a ticket from an individual is that this ticket might not be the original one.

Cobalte will offers a secure platform of NF-Ticket that will be traceable thanks to blockchain technology. Even the resale will be under control thanks to the "Cobalte Second hand" part. So you can buy and resell your tickets, easily, safely, and at the right price.

Connect Artists to Fans

NFT technology opens multiples doors. One of them is this new way that artist, sports clubs and event organiser can use to connect with spectators and fans. 

Holding a NF-Ticket in your Cobalte Wallet (coming in the future) is a very special and dedicated way that you (as a spectator) can use to receive special gifts: 

➤ Access to multiple advantages before, during and after the event. 

➤ Private events, reductions, newsletter, vote on-chain and more possibilities. 

Cobalte revolutionizes ticket resale


    Blockchain technology provides a solution that directly responds to the major problem of digitization brought about by the advent of new technologies: The uniqueness of digital products. The tickets linked to a NFT abolishes the risk of sell and resell fake tickets.


    Our solution includes a rotative QR code coupled with our blockchain technology ensures that no fake tickets are, copied, shared and / or scanned.


    Our marketplace will not only be a primary place for organizers to sell their tickets, but also a place for people that wish to resell their own. Thanks to blockchain technology, we bring trust to the secondary market of ticketing.



    InProcess CEO & Designer Experience


    Senior Partner at Kearney


    CEO ISEC / intel sport events consulting


    Intellectual and industrial property lawyer

  • Valentin Henry

    Director of Innostart incubator



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